Who we are

  • ELPIDA 2020 IKE was formed in the EU Zone located in Greece.
    The company is based in Thessaloniki city and new HQ by mid 2020 in Athens.
  • ELPIDA 2020 Management objective in the early 1994 was to establish new business relationships to enable introduction of new technology from different parts of the world for the preparation and upgrading of water treatment plants for EU, MENA Region and Africa.
  • Specialized in this industry over 25 years, the company has been in a position to establish a range of wastewater treatment equipment designed to fulfill an entire spectrum of needs from the most basic to the most sophisticated equipment available.
    This is the result of the demand for water treatment equipment in a country with a growing population and scarce water resources.
  • We now have some of the latest European technology and designs in place, to introduce wastewater treatment equipment in EU Facilities. This makes ELPIDA 2020 Water one of the front-runners in the water industry.
  • Our technical skilled staff includes: mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, Auto-cad/inventor drawing program, operators and full time maintenance and installation crews.

What we do

Water treatment technology

Primary Focus on
Environmental technologies such as:

Industrial Waste Water Treatment Equipment Manufacturer
Drinking Water Treatment Plant
Sea Water Desalination Plant
Waste Water treatment
Rendering By product Systems


  • Planning & Engineering

  • Production Inspection

  • Project Management

  • Project Supervision

  • Project Erection

Water waste services


Sustainable Solutions

Elpida is specialized in environmental technology offering range of solutions serving many different segments. Advantages for the many years of experience of our traditional, family-run company, we are constantly working towards improving our services, implementing innovative recycling processes and perfecting material flow management. Extensive knowledge, integral solutions and forward-thinking ideas are, therefore, the basis of our successful business.

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