ELPIDA has a variety of rendering process that’s cover most of meat industries needs. The American Rendering System is a modern and simple system for processing waste from poultry processing plants, recycling poultry offal, feathers and blood into poultry meat meals or mixed poultry meal, as well as valuable poultry fat.

All equipment is manufactured in the USA; and is built to highest codes in the world for pressure vessels; ASME, Lloyd’s, TÜV, or accordance with pressure vessel regulations in the country in which it is operated.

We offer complete Rendering equipment line and developed our equipment to meet the demanding rendering environment. Our highly experienced engineers can easily custom design the equipment and process to meet each customer specific needs and requests.

Rendering by Products
Rendering Air Cooled Condenser Thermal Oxidizer
Rendering 2

Rendering Process Products

  • Raw Material Handling Systems

    • Raw Material Pump
    • Screw Conveyor
    • Raw Material Bins
    • Raw Material Pump
    • Blow Tank
  • Crusher, Breaker

  • Batch Cookers / Hydrolyzer

  • Dryers

  • Continuous Cookers / Hydrolyzer

  • Condensing Systems

  • Odor Treatment Control

  • Fat Press

Rendering Products

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