Poultry Rendering Plant


Ballady Poultry Processing Plant Ballady Poultry processing plant is located in Saudi Arabia. Project Capacity is 100,000 birds/day. Our Plant is collecting all the solid waste from processing plant to start our process cycle till the final by-product. The project also contents Air Treatment scrubber system to filter all the air coming [...]

Water Treatment Plant


Fawzan Al Harby Project studies started on early 2015 for how to control all waste from the manufacture facility. We supply waste control plants: Rendering By Product plant. Industrial Wastewater treatment plant. Air treatment scrubber system. Steam Boilers. The project is for collecting all wastewater coming out from the Factory to start [...]

Poultry & Livestock


Al Watania Poultry The project studies started on 2008 and started the project installations on early 2010. The project size is mega poultry processing plant with capacity one million birds/day. We supply along with our partners the following scope. 7000 qm3/day waste water treatment plant with tertiary treatment to reuse the water [...]