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Al Watania Poultry

The project studies started on 2008 and started the project installations on early 2010.
The project size is mega poultry processing plant with capacity one million birds/day.
We supply along with our partners the following scope.

7000 qm3/day waste water treatment plant with tertiary treatment to reuse the water in agriculture reasons following the local discharge limits.

Also large size Rendering by-product plant to control all solid waste coming out from the processing plant also from the livestock farms.
The project is a master piece in Rendering industry for using all the processing plant waste in separate lines and following the international standard. The project also have the finest Odor treatment (Thermal Oxidizer).

Al Watania Company is belong to mother company Al Watania Saudi Arabia.

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February 10th, 2010


Al Watania Company


Poultry Processing Plant



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